9, September, 1943, Dear Harriet:

North Africa

9, Sept. 1943

Dear Harriet:

Ordinarily I wouldn’t allow so many days to pass before writing again, but this time it was unavoidable. Business has picked up quite a little and the profits are amazing. The latest event must have been starting news to most people. Why we must have hacked six months off the duration as a result of this victory. The thought of going home has now become a fixation in my mind, although there is nothing in the wind to warrant such ideas.

Your letter of 23 August received today but page two was missing – now that’s the first time they failed to arrive intact. From what I could gather it shows up in tomorrows mail, if we get any.

Believe me, it is very discouraging.

Glad to know that the Stars and Stripes are getting through. I know how out dated they are when you get them, but I keep thinking they might reveal some facts that the newspapers fail to carry – “sort of inside dope’. I admit putting in quite a bit of time into that story and believe me, I wouldn’t do it for anyone else but you. You’re compliments make me feel well rewarded. I can’t see how you could question your father’s opinion of me. He has a very good judge of character ahem! I am going to write again soon so don’t get peeved at the shortness of this letter. Please remember me to your folks.

Love Roy



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