15, October, 1943, Dear Roy:

Harriet Venzlaff

4044 Shreve Ave.

St. Louis, MO

Dear Roy:

You know, something very peculiar has suddenly happened to the mailing situation. I hadn’t heard from you for almost three weeks – that’s the longest stretch of time that has ever elapsed, I believe, but we’re friends again, because here I have before me two letters which arrived within a few days of each other.

In the first letter you mention that at that time of writing you had four of my masterpieces in front of you – and that you had finally succeeded in fitting them together like a jigsaw puzzle after much difficulty occasioned by the fact that the parts of the letters didn’t arrive simultaneously. That really is a very confusing situation, isn’t it? I do think it’s rather remarkable though, don’t you, Roy, that it doesn’t happen even more frequently?

In your second letter you apologize for not having anything interesting to say, but I think your just being modest. Young man, because I think it was a swell, newsy letter, and I got a big kick out of it.

I note that you’ve been playing a little ping pong lately. That’s a swell game and it seems to me that I’ve beard rumors somewhere that you’re pretty darn good at it. Who in the world could have told me that? I’ll have to admit I’m not exactly an expert at the game, but what I lack in skill I certainly make up in enthusiasm. Last winter I used to go down the the Fairgrounds Hotel quite frequently to play. I’ve never been fortunate enough to have a table here at home. You see, we live in a flat, and I’m sure the people on the first floor wouldn’t exactly relish a lot of commotion in the basement all the time.

So you got the good conduct ribbon, did you? Well, congratulations, Roy I think that’s really fine. I’m glad you’ve been a good boy. I was very much amused at your comments on last summer’s resort fashions. Isn’t it just like a man to be interested in those little thingamajigs.

As you probably know, we’ve all been pretty much preoccupied with the World Series the past week. The old office has been pretty much in a state of confusion, as one of the girls brought down her portable radio and every afternoon operations were suspended and we all rallied ’round to listen to the games. I don’t know whether you’re a fan or not, so I’m almost afraid to say this – but confidentially I’m not in the least interested in baseball, and I spent those hours in the afternoons quietly dozing in my chair while no one was looking.

Oh my gosh, Roy, I just happened to think of something. I believe it was only a few days ago that Es told me that Pop Wallis used to be a ball player. Under the circumstance, I’ll bet you are interested in the game, aren’t you? I’m afraid I sorta said the wrong thing, didn’t I?

It’s 11:00 by the old clock here in the kitchen, and I think maybe its time I headed for bed. I put in a pretty hectic day at the office trying to make up for all the work I didn’t do last week, and I’m awfully tired and out of sorts. I guess we all have days like that, don’t you?

I’m running out of space for this time so I’ll say “goodnight, Roy.” Mom and Dad send their best as always. I’m off for bed – sweet dreams.

As ever,


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