18, October 1943, Dear Harriet:

18 October 1943

S/Sgt. R. Wallis

353rd Bomb Squadron

301st Bomb Group

Dear Harriet,

Comes time again to write to Harriet – matter of fact, it might be just a little past time. There can’t be any doubt in your mind as to who is ahead in this letter writing affair. Why of course you are, needn’t get so steamed up about it. But just the same, I’m watching the mail today. Haven’t had a word from you in three or four days. They’re having mail call now so we’ll just coast along until they get to the “W’s” whoops. There they go – Back in a minute.

Well as I was saying, (get that sarcastic tone of voice) haven’t had a word from you in four or five days. What are you trying to do, drive me to drink? It was my very good fortune to draw two birthday cards from way back in August. Now isn’t that just dandy. Say, here is another subject I just love to bring up…How about that picture. Your most recent reference to this little business stated that you were going to handle the matter at once. Since then you haven’t made any further commitments. Now as a rule I’m a very patient fellow but you are certainly putting the aforesaid condition to a test. I don’t wish to apply such methods, commonly referred to by the less cultured as “twisting the arm” but you leave me no alternative. Oh you’re safe enough where you are but there’ll come a day.

I wrote a letter to you, not a V-Mail but the regular type, a few days ago, however, I suspect that this one will reach you first. I just want to say that I got some of the chicken alright. You’ll understand what I mean when you get the letter. If you get the regular letter first then this explanation is unnecessary, or is it? If you can figure out what I am driving at you’re a better man than I am.

I have often kicked myself in the pants for not keeping a diary, but the fact remains that I don’t. Why, because I am too lazy I guess. Occasionally I write up a little adventure that happens to me, such as my trip to Scotland, but other then that I trust to memory. I hope you hold on to that story, I’d like to have you read it back to me sometime.

Well I just don’t know what to write about. Nothing has happened that you could call exciting. We could discuss the war but I get enough of that every day. I would like to say this however, things are looking mighty, mighty good and you can expect me to come home any year now. Conditions in camp seem to be improving every day. We only stand roll call once a week now. Isn’t that just too, too: just the same there are other reasons why we might have to get up, and often. I’m not saying what they are, figure it out for yourself. Enjoyed another stage show last night….Did i say enjoy, excuse me I should have said suffered. It was a lemon this time for sure. A combination of British, French and American talent. I think the Americans had the edge but that wasn’t much. We had our own group band and a magician. The Limeys dug up a comedian and he was positively awful. You know know what the English call humor. The French trotted out three pretty girls, all singers. Believe you me neither one of them could sing. I doubt whether they could have carried a tune in a bucket. Honestly it was actually painful to listen. If it weren’t for the usual wise cracks from the audience and a couple of smart guys shouting “Take it off” once in a while the evening would have been a complete failure. No, they didn’t take it off in case you were wondering – worse luck….just have about enough room here to say good by. Remember me to your Pappy and Mammy.



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