30, October, 1943, Dear Harriet:

S/Sgt. R. Wallis

353rd Bomb Squadron

301st Bomb Group

Dear Harriet,

I just came back from noonday chow. How was it? Well between you and me and the fence post I don’t think the censor would permit me to write my opinion. Before I forget it, and how could I, your snap shots arrived yesterday. They only took two months, one day, fourteen hours and ten minutes to get here. Believe me, that’s a heck of a long time to wait, and I mean really. Of course I’m pleased with them, I mean you, no I mean both. You didn’t write anything on the back again did you. Why didn’t you give out with a few explanations? I know that’s your mother on the right because you look so much like her. Now for heavens sake, don’t tell your father I said that. I am trying to figure out where they were taken. I must admit I don’t recognize the landscape. The bear seems familiar but I can’t place him for the moment. Well after all, I have been away from home over two years now. A fellow is bound to forget a little. Getting back to the bear again. I would have give a nose full of nickels to be in his place when the picture was taken. As a matter of fact I wish I were standing along side of you now. Well alright, so I need a shave. Now you’re not going to let a little thing like that come between us? By the way, where are you standing at this time? Do you always sit down when you read my letters, maybe that’s a good idea. I don’t doubt but what some of them might knock you off your feet. Get me, did you ever hear such ego. I’ve just made up my mind that I’m not going to wait much longer to meet you. Of course there isn’t a darn think that I can do about the situation. I should like to extract a promise from you but that would hardly be playing the game fair. It looks like I’ll just have to take my chances and hope that the Lord is playing on my side. If you are not very good at reading between the lines, then the above will seem like a lot of meaningless chatter. I was going to change the subject just now but decided against it. In the first place it would mean a new paragraph, and in the second place the present subject pleases me very much, so why change it. Right now, or any time for that matter, nothing could be more interesting than you. Too often have I wished that we had met before I left. Living so close to each other as we did, I just can’t figure out why our paths never crossed. I don’t know, maybe that’s the way it’s supposed to be. I guess I’ve said all this before but I’m saying it again whether you like it or not. By the way, can you cook? Now that’s an interesting point to bring up. Please don’t think I’m getting personal, but can you? And another thing, do you like to read the Sunday papers in bed – delightful isn’t it. I reckon I’ll never find out theses things unless I ask you. If you mind very much just say so and I’ll stop pestering. I always did like long hair, I mean like yours. Well maybe you don’t call it long but I do. Don’t you dare have it cut or I shall never speak to you again. Besides winter is coming and it will keep your head warm…..Something tells me that the bottom of the paper is not far distant and I had better bring this one-sided discussion to an end. As far as letter writing is concerned, this is probably one of the worst examples. Well, I said it would be all one paragraph and it is. Just think how many more words I was able to cram in. Well don’t think of it then, see if I care. Thanks a million for the pictures dear. Mind if I call you dear, don’t forget there is another one coming…..Don’t forget to say hello to your maw and paw for me.

I remain, yours truly, as ever, with love,


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