8, October, 1943, Dear Harriet:

8 October 1943

S/Sgt. R. Wallis

353rd Bomb Squadron

301st Bomb Group

Dear Harriet,

Finding a bit of spare time, which isn’t always possible around here, I have decided to sit down and relieve myself of a small worry. There has been something on my mind for some time now, something I always thought you should know about. But up until the present never quite got around to an explanation. I at first didn’t intend to mention the subject but realizing that you know both people involved and would sooner or later learn of their association thought it best that I be the first to do the telling, or explaining, as the case might be. The affair is of minor importance from my point of view of course, but to someone else it might appear in another light. So I throw all caution to the winds, as usual, and proceed to give out with the particulars. I don’t know whether I’m sticking my neck out or not, but here comes.

A certain Miss Meador and I had been very good friends prior to my entry into the Army, as a matter of fact the last five days before my induction we spent together. Although she is a swell kid my feelings for her never went beyond the “just good pals” stage. However, there were times when I thought she might have had other ideas concerning our status. Maybe I said things in my letters that I shouldn’t have. I don’t know. But I was terribly lonesome at the time. In the spring of 42′ [I’m not sure about the date or the season anymore] she took a vacation and made a tour of the western states, stopping off at Spokane for three days to see me. It was then I discovered that the old saying “absence makes the heart grow fonder” definitely didn’t apply to me as far as my feelings were concerned. But did I do anything about it —no: I continued writing the same as before. Well, the months went past and as you know we finally wound up in North Africa. I was still writing, not regularly, but still writing. Then the time came when I received no answer. I tried once more, lord knows why, and still no answer. That was enough for me. I figured that anyone could read the handwriting on the wall now. Something had definitely happened back there, what it was I didn’t know nor did I care at the time. It might have been a kick in the face to me but I knew that someday I would have to make the break and this way neither one was hurt very badly as far as I could see. Well, that was the end of that – or was it. After the passing of several months, ample time for one to forget such affairs – or is it, comes a letter. Yes you guess it, it was from her. I of course was very much surprised and not at all pleased. We won’t go into any details about the letter, needless to say I didn’t answer it nor do I intend to. Also a cablegram offering birthday greetings. I don’t know whether I’m doing right or not, but after all what would you do?

That’s the situation to date – why am I telling you, I don’t know. Why have I told you a lot of things, I’d rather write to you although we have never met. Something will come of it one of these days, just you wait and see. I have taken it for granted that you know Jackie and I believe I’m right on that score. There wouldn’t be any point in my telling you this if you didn’t. It just dawned on me that you might know something about all this. If such is the case then forget I even mentioned it. What I have said here is of course strictly between you and me. Will it make any difference as far as you and I are concerned?

Just enough room left to say so long. Haven’t had a word from you for several days and writing gets pretty strenuous.



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