15, September, 1943, Dear Roy:

St. Louis, MO

Sept. 15, 1943

Dear Roy:

Here it is only Wednesday and two newspapers and two letters from you already this week! And what wonderful news in the letter I received from you today!! So you’re coming home soon – I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am for you. I was so excited when I read the news, that I called up Sis right away before I even finished reading the rest of the letter. She sounded so damn bewildered over the phone that I could hardly keep from laughing. All she could manage to say was “My gosh, kid.” Can’t you just hear her saying that? I only hope that everything turns out all right and that this just isn’t a false alarm. My telephone number, by the way, young man, is Mulberry 2715, just in case you might want to call. An unexpected telephone call from you will probably be a terrific shock, and I’ll betcha I collapse in a heap on the floor, so if you hear a dull thud at the other end of the line, don’t be alarmed it will just be me.

The signatures looks very, very nice – a heck of a lot better, I’ll admit, than my writing does – but I’ll bet any money that your words will run down hill the same as mine do when you fill up a full page. That old typewriter of yours has really seen a lot of service, hasn’t it? I’ll never forget the first letter you wrote to me, in which you described that good old typewriter, along with the various chimes and contraptions attached there to. We all got a big kick out of that.

What a swell place the new enlisted men’s club must be! It must really be quite a wonderful place, with the knotty pine effect and the illuminated bar and everything. It probably compares very favorably with anything we have here at home, doesn’t it? I can’t tell you how good it makes us all feel to know that you boys are managing to have a little fun occasionally – Lord knows you certainly do deserve it! Kindly do not drink yourself to death, please.

The V-mail has been coming through remarkably well, hasn’t it? I’m glad that you’ve been getting all my letters. I was afraid there for a while that they weren’t reaching you.

Here I am at the bottom of the page again, Roy, so I’ll sign off for this time. Love from all of us. We’ll be seeing you!


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