25, September, 1943, Dear Harriet:

North Africa

25, September, 1943

Dear Harriet:

Had thought at first that I would give you a detailed account of our trip to Tunis yesterday, but the present does not find me in a very literary mood. However, a not too lengthy resume of the highlights might keep you interested for a while.

I might say that one of the primary reasons we go to town is to find a place to eat where the food is decidedly different from the general run of Army crow. We have been able to find such a place, as a matter of fact we’ve found two, but one at the present is closed for alterations. They are French restaurants but the food served maybe French, Italian or American. Yesterday we enjoyed spaghetti and steak, a dish fit for a king. We were so convinced of this fact that we returned at supper time and knocked out two more orders of the same.

Several times during the day we took a fiendish delight in cheating the cab drivers out of their fare, or at least giving them a small part of what they asked for. We figured that they had been taking the Americans long enough and it was about time to turn the tables. In one case after a ride of some twenty minutes duration the driver asked for two hundred francs – he took fifty and liked it. Another instance when the cabby demanded sixty francs our generosity could not exceed twenty. And so it went the whole day long – I think we showed them that some of the Americans could be just as shrewd as they.

The swimming pool did not open until three in the afternoon and then we discovered that it had been reserved for the British Army. It was a lovely pool and we enjoyed the swim very much. Of course we got in – never did believe in signs anyway. Time out for a bit of reminiscing. I have been swimming in a lot of places, lakes, rivers, oceans, but by gosh I wouldn’t trade anything for the good old Meramec. Honestly, there is something about the dirty old place that I can never get tired of. I am mighty glad to know that you like it too because – well, at least we have that much in common. With me it is sort of a ‘love me love my dog’ situation. I think you understand what I mean.

Let a sidewalk artist draw our pictures for three bucks – charcoal job. The fellow was pretty good, of course the picture didn’t look at all like me but then what can you expect for the three bucks. I figured if it was any good I’d send it along to you, as a matter of fact that was the only reason I had it done. My face is hard to draw. I found that out when it took Win three nights before he was satisfied with the results. No, I’m not sending it, as I said before it doesn’t look at all like me.

Still looking for those snap shots honey chile, do you reckon they’ll be along mighty quick now? Tomorrow being Sunday it would be a nice time for them to show up.

I sent a letter home to my folks, a letter from some friends up in Spokane. These people sort of adopted me while I was up there and I rather liked the situation. They have written to me faithfully ever since I left their city, This particular letter really inflated my ego, so much so that I just had to pass it along to my folks to read. I am anxiously waiting for a few comments from the home front. If the matter should be brought to your attention at any time please let me know the outcome.

October is almost upon us, back home you will soon be getting the typical fall weather and scenery. Over here the landscape never changes in some parts. Let me know when the leaves start changing color. The best of everything to you.

Love always,


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