28, September, 1943, Dear Roy:

St. Louis, MO

September 28th, 1943

Dear Roy:

Here it is September 28th, and I know a certain young man who’s having a birthday today. Not mentioning any names of course, but his first name begins with an “R” and ends with a “Y”.

I’m so terribly afraid that perhaps he isn’t really having such a very happy birthday, but I’d like him to know that the folks here at home are thinking of him today, and every other day, for that matter, and hoping & praying with all their hearts that next year will bring a very wonderful birthday for him just the kind he’d like to have in fact so wonderful that it will make up for the last two or three that haven’t been so much fun.

Do you know what, old pal? You and I came dangerously close to having our first argument by V-mail yesterday. You see, Sis has been telling me that the folks over on Sexauer haven’t been hearing from you lately quite as regularly as they would like to. So, I had determined that I would sit myself down and give you a darn good talking to – sort of a verbal spanking (And don’t think I couldn’t do it) Well, I came home from work last night, all set to do my duty, and what do you think I found waiting for me? Why you know what! A letter from you, of course, and such a sweet one, too. I sorta weakened (just a little, understand) and I said to myself, “well, old girl, why don’t you wait until tomorrow to write him that scorcher¬†maybe the folks will hear from him by that time”. And, fortunately, they did!

When Sis met me over at the bus line this morning, the first thing she told me was that they had a letter from you and a nice long one at that. So, you see, serious trouble between you and me was averted in the nick of time.

Naturally, Sis and I always compare notes. She tells me what you have to say in your letters to them, and I tell her the latest news in your letters to me. She mentioned something about your outfit having installed shower baths. I can well imagine what a wonderful treat it is for all of you! I in turn, told her that I now have the privilege of coming over to your house at anytime to play your phonograph. It’s really very sweet of you to let me do that, Roy, because I happen to know that that phonograph of yours is just about your most priced possession.

I asked Sis about that favorite record of yours, and she informed me that its the “Hawaiian (excuse spelling) War Chant”! I wouldn’t go so far to say its my favorite song, but I do like it a lot. I’m anxious to hear it and some of the others too.

I’m afraid I’ll have to sign off for this time as I have to hurry and get over the hospital. I had intended to wait until I got home from DePaul tonight to write to you, but I’m so tired now, I hate to think what condition I’ll be in four hours from now.

So you’ll forgive me for this short letter, won’t you, please? Mamma & Daddy send their love, and so do I . You’ll be hearing from me in a day or two as I have a lot to say.

Tell all your boys “hello” for me, won’t you?




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