2, September, 1943, Dear Roy:

St. Louis MO

Sept 2nd, 1943

Dearest Roy:

Do you know what? Here it is only Thursday, and I’ve had three letters from you already this week! Do you realize that that’s an all-time record so far? And how I love it- please believe me.

So the snapshots finally arrived, did they? I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am that you liked them, and that I now have your stamp of approval. Frankly, I was getting a little uneasy, because naturally I didn’t know what impression they would make, and I was so afraid that perhaps they wouldn’t be much of a hit. I don’t know whether my logic is very sound or not – but I deliberately chose some sweet and simple one, because I certainly didn’t want to give you the impression that I’m some sort of a glamour-puss and then have you sadly disappointed when you come marching home again. 

I believe it was the day before your letter came acknowledging receipt of the pictures, that I finally decided that the first ones I sent you must have been lost, so I stuck some more in an envelope and sent them on their way. About that little matter of a really good picture. You know dam well that I want you to have one, don’t you? I just thought it would be much nicer if I could get you to ask for it, instead of just sending it on without ever knowing whether you were interested in one or not. I don’t happen to have one right now, but I promise, word of honor, that I’ll have one taken soon, and I mean very soon. 

Now please, young man, don’t get angry at me for this, but honestly, Roy, I just can’t resist teasing you just a little bit about that remarkable chance in the tone of your letters since the pictures arrived. You know, the first ones were so doggone casual, but the last one was so sweet. I think I like it best of all even though it was sorta short and your typing wasn’t a bit pretty. I’d like so much to hear some more of those nice things – I’m sure Mrs. Post wouldn’t mind.

You know, for some unknown reason, I’m rating very high with all the other members of the Wallis family these days. A few days ago your mother gave me one of those photographs of you that you had taken up at Spokane, I’m so proud of it! There it sits, just as big as you please on my dressing table – and it’s the first thing that I see every morning and the last thing before I go to bed at night (with a few dozen peaks in between, I’ll admit). The other day I showed it to one of my girlfriends, who is very young and very sentimental. She took one look at it and said, “Gee, kid, I’ll bet when he kisses you, you really stay kissed.” She really had me stumped there, so I just giggle a little bit and let her use her own imagination. I guess I’ll also have to be contented with using my imagination for quite a little while yet.

I hope this letter doesn’t sound too bantering, Roy, because I really don’t intend it to be so. I tried so hard in a previous letter to tell you how important hearing from you has become to me. I find it very hard at times to express myself the way I would like to.

But I hope you’ve succeeded in getting the general idea. It’s getting close to bedtime, and I’m getting sleepy, so I think I’ll call it a day.

Give me a though now and then, please? You know I’ll be thinking of you.

As Ever,


p.s. It would be a shame to waste all this space, wouldn’t it? I just happened to think – you were really at a disadvantage as far as this long distance romance of our is concerned, weren’t you? I at least knew what you looked like, and know a little bit about you, but you didn’t have the vaguest idea what I was like. That’s sort of a ticklish situation to be in isn’t it?

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