About the project

My name is Erica Doerr and I am one of the 4 grandchildren born to Roy and Harriet Wallis. In 2000, my grandparents were in a car crash. My grandpa died nearly a week later due to his injuries. Our family was devastated. After the accident we decided to sell their house. That is when I found the shoe boxes full of letters.

At the time, it was emotionally difficult to hear my grandpa’s voice in writing. We decided to leave the letters in their boxes. Fifteen years passed before the boxes were opened again.

When I began the task of reading and transcribing the letters, their story unfolded sweetly and tenderly. My grandparents met and fell in love through letter writing during WWII. They began writing in 1943 and continued until the end of the war.

Their voices come alive in the letters. Like a part of them is there with me, yet enough time had passed to wear away the grief and allow me to enjoy their company.

My goal is to transcribe each letter and publish them in a single book, including maps and WWII timelines. It is a labor of love, and I can only work on this project when time allows.

It brings me great joy to share their  letters. I truly hope you will also find yourself lost in their beautiful story.


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