A love story told through letter writing during WWII

The following letters were written between my grandparents during WWII. Roy, an American Soldier and Harriet, a hometown girl, never met despite growing up in the same neighborhood in St. Louis, Missouri. Roy was the squadron intelligence head for the 353rd Squadron of the 301st Bombardment Group, and was stationed in Tunisia when they begin writing.

“What am I doing as squadron intelligence head, that’s what I would like to know? Well, so would alot of other people.” He jokingly writes in one of his letters. Roy’s sister, Es, was friends with Harriet and would share the letters written from her brother who was “somewhere in Africa”. Harriet’s interest was peaked and she made the first move to send Roy a letter.

“You see,” she writes, “I’ve read several of your letters to your sister & I’ve enjoyed them ever so much (especially the one about burning the roof off your tent) and if you could manage to drop me a line and give me a little of the local color, I’d get a tremendous kick out if it.”

Roy jumps at the chance to return Harriet’s letter. From the spring of 1943 to the end of the war they write.  Getting to know each other through letters, it was over a year of writing before Roy received his first and only furlough home. They meet once, continue to fall in love, continue to write.

I am happy to have recovered these letters and excited to share them.

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